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PAN opens strategy against the disappearance of trusts

Opposition senators will seek votes in the PVEM and PT benches, in order to build a simple majority and reject the disappearance of the 109 trusts that the Chamber of Deputies decided.

The president of the Senate Human Rights Commission, Kenia López Rabadán (PAN), said that the Containment Bloc will oppose the trust reforms being carried out at full speed.

The Containment Block formed by PAN, PRI, MC and PRD have similar positions against the disappearance of 109 trusts, which leaves the State’s attention to human rights without budgetary support, said López Rabadán.

The votes of the Containment Block (49) are enough to stop a constitutional reform that requires two-thirds of the plenary session, although only 65 votes are required for the approval of legal reforms.

The 16 votes that the opposition is missing will be managed between the senators of the PVEM and PT, in addition to trying to persuade senators from Morena.

Kenia López Rabadán commented that “she could not understand that the Green party would vote in favor, for example, of this destruction of the trusts if the climate change fund is disappearing.”

In this way, he proposes that the Green bench carry out “a reflection on the nature of his party”, and in that situation “we could find a high view, good sense, prioritization of Mexico and the issues that are being destroyed.

Twenty-one laws are reformed and added that have a budgetary impact of about 70 billion pesos, and this “cannot be discussed and analyzed in fast track, and that is why the Senators of National Action propose that all sectors be heard involved and that in this case, unlike what happened in the Chamber of Deputies, the commitments that are made are respected and fulfilled. “

He argued that in this matter of trusts, human rights are violated with a regression even when the State should improve the degree of protection of fundamental rights and never act regressively, a principle that this government seems to violate in every decision it makes.

“With the destruction of these 109 trusts,” he said, “the government will deprive Mexicans of access to better conditions of education, research, innovation, culture, sports, the environment and, unfortunately, the protection structure will also be dismantled. civil in cases of disaster “.

He regretted that through the majority in Congress, “President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the obsession to destroy trusts and dares – said López Rabadán – to generalize and accuse filmmakers, athletes, researchers, entrepreneurs, of corruption, mothers who have lost their children and journalists at risk of being killed for defending the truth. “