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They agree to close 23 pantheons during the Day of the Dead in Navolato

In the municipality of Navolato, with only eight patients with Covid-19 and with an accumulated of 122 deaths, it was agreed to close the 23 cemeteries during the celebration of the Day of the Dead and the Holy Dead.

The measure will be similar to that applied during the celebrations of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as a preventive measure for crowds and a lack of control in the pantheons that put the decrease in cases at risk.

He announced that notices will be placed in the cemeteries and the measure will be disclosed on social networks, in search of the understanding of the relatives to close the doors of the cemeteries again on these significant dates.

The new provisions, endorsed by the Municipal Health Committee, establish that as of Saturday, October 31, the accesses to the 23 pantheons of this municipality will be closed and will be reopened until Tuesday, November 3.

Eleazar Guti茅rrez Angulo, municipal president, explained that Navolato is the municipality with the highest number of municipal officials killed by Covid-19 and with a record of 483 patients who have managed to overcome the contagion throughout the pandemic.

He pointed out that, as happened in past celebrations, a police surveillance will be maintained in each of the cemeteries to prevent entry.

The first mayor, who on August 25 was discharged from the hospital where he was treated for Covid-19, stated that the new provisions will be widely disseminated so that citizens are aware that they cannot attend. to cemeteries, on these significant dates for health reasons.

He commented that the health measures that have been maintained have been reflected in a slight decrease in new cases of infections, after a month ago the registries established 16 active patients and at the moment only half of them are available.