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Longueuil hailed for its 2020-2030 Water Strategy –

The Association of Municipal Engineers of Quebec awarded the prize Municipal asset management to the City of Longueuil for its 2020-2030 Water Strategy.

Unveiled in July, the Strategy was born out of the mobilization of the five towns in the agglomeration. It aims to protect the health of citizens, counter the aging of infrastructure associated with water, meet new regulatory requirements and increased density of the territory, as well as face climate change.

“The Strategy is a flagship project for future generations and marks an important turning point towards better management of water assets,” said Longueuil Mayor Sylvie Parent, in a press release. I am very happy with this award, which underlines the strong collective commitment deployed by the cities of the agglomeration to improve the quality of services offered to citizens in an efficient and sustainable manner. ” (GM)

The 2020-2030 Water Strategy is available at