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A golfer brought back to life by his friends –

Monday September 7. Wonderful day for golf.

It’s Labor Day and Jacques Parent takes the opportunity to go to the Valleyfield Golf Club to start an 18-hole course that promises to be dapper.

At the second hole, the retiree from the world of education is about to make his second shot. He is 150 yards from the tee. And things turned out badly. He collapses. Jacques Parent is the victim of what is commonly called a heart attack.

Act quickly

Pierre Rochefort is at 16e hole and completes his round with Denis Racine and Luc Trépanier. “A few yards further and we couldn’t see him fall. I saw it. And I knew I had to act quickly. In my CPR class, I was told not to panic. To stay calm, and that someone has to take matters into their own hands. That’s what I did, ”says the golfer, a close friend of the victim.

“Everyone wants to do everything. But I asked Luc to start heart massage. Which is difficult. He was all soaked after three, four minutes. But that’s what saved Jacques. Oxygen continued to circulate and reach his heart. That’s why he’s still alive today. Her heart stopped for ten minutes. But we saved him, ”says with emotion the one who acted as the first responder while waiting for the paramedics.

He adds that at one point his friend had a purple face, swollen twice the normal size, and white foam was coming out of his lips. ” He was dead. For sure. We saved his life. To see him here today is something. “

Paramedics to the rescue

Quickly, the paramedics disembarked on the grassy surface of the campivallensian course. Pierre Rochefort had mandated a teammate to reach 911. “They said to continue massaging until they arrived. And they were blown away when they arrived, ”he says.

The paramedics provided a self-masseur which could have taken over in the ambulance. Things were quick. Several police cars, paramedics, including Simon Théorêt and Audrey Sabourin who helped save the life of this hockey player and 400-meter runner. The physical education teacher at École Saint-Esprit was in good shape. “You never know what’s in store for us. But I know I don’t remember that second hole. I woke up in the ambulance, ”says the one who received three blows of the defibrillator to be brought back to life.

Jacques Parent and the paramedics who quickly arrived on site to come to the rescue of the man who was resuscitated that day on the course of the Valleyfield golf club. (Denis Germain)

A delighted wife

After two days in the hospital, Jacques Parent surprises all the medical staff by getting up and walking. Her children Andrée-Anne and Jean-Philippe are immensely happy to always be able to count on their father. But it is Diane, his wife who is the happiest. ” Thank you so much. I thought I was losing my man. By the time I got to the hospital, with the calls I received, I was sure he was dead, ”said the lady who blames COVID for not being able to distribute hugs to those who helped save her husband.

The couple wanted to meet the members present that day. They paid for the tour to the altruistic friends who did everything to bring back to life this man who will always be indebted. And in their hearts, they raised their glasses, thinking that the most important thing is Health!

Jacques parent golf heart attack life
Jacques Parent, his wife, his children, took advantage of a meeting with the members present that day to thank those who brought him back to life. (Denis Germain)