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AMLO government will invest in mental health: Jesús Ramírez

Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, spokesman for the Government of Mexico, assured through a video that the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will invest in mental health since in addition to the problems that have dragged on for years, such as the deficit of specialists, he said, the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on these conditions.

“There can be no democracy, culture and peace if there is social exclusion, if there is not full satisfaction of needs in the community, that is why we emphasize emotional health, because right now with the pandemic, it has been placed at the center of reflection because confinement has led us to experiences of forced coexistence and we have had to deal with it, relearning how to live together.

“The government plays an important role in providing conditions to generate well-being, investment is sought in mental health elements so that there is integration, inclusion, we want a society in which everyone is included with their needs satisfied,” he said.

Ramírez Cuevas stressed that for people to have good mental health, it is necessary for the State to provide them with access to basic satisfactions, from a healthy diet, education and sports.

“The government is committed to the broad sense of health, with the National Strategy for the Prevention of Addictions to treat them as a mental and physical health issue, in addition to breaking the circle in which people with integration problems were stigmatized , and emotional, with depression, anxiety that are contemporary diseases and lead to adverse situations in life.

“In the government of Mexico we are focused on the physical, emotional, cultural and psychological improvement of people, in creating an environment in favor of the development and well-being of the communities,” he said.

In his participation, Juan Manuel Quijada Gaytán, general director of Psychiatric Care Services, commented that 10% of Mexicans suffer from depression; however, in people with some disease, this condition is accentuated.

“The prevalence of depression is higher in patients with physical illnesses, but poverty must also be mentioned as one of the main risk factors for mental health,” he said.

For his part, Gady Zabicky Sirot, head of the National Commission against Addictions (Conadic), explained that in the country there are 2,800 “annexes”, of which only 500 comply with all the regulations to attend to the mental health of the patients.

He added that these will open according to the epidemiological traffic lights in each federative entity.