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Brawl between de Frenaaa and AMLO supporters

The Secretariat of Government of Mexico City reported that this Saturday afternoon, members of the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frenaaa), who remain in a sit-in in the Zócalo, and supporters of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador had a quarrels and smoke bombs were even thrown.

He said that the event occurred when López Obrador’s supporters tried to jump over the metal fence and set smoke, for which there were jerks and shouts from the members of Frenaaa, who responded by throwing smoke bombs.

The situation was brought under control after staff from the Secretariat’s Dialogue and Agreement Group, headed by Alfonso Suárez del Real, spoke with the leader of López Obrador’s supporters to avoid confrontation.

The capital’s government decided to continue with the protection of the Plaza de la Constitución and will continue with metal fences to provide security to the protesters who are in the sit-in, as well as to all the social expressions that arrive at the place and to the citizens in general.

This Saturday, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, invited the members of Frenaaa to occupy the empty tents, to free part of the Plaza de la Constitución and allow other demonstrations to enter the capital’s Zócalo.

“We had divided the plate of the Zócalo in two. The vast majority of the tents are empty, we saw it the other day how they flew with the wind. There are many other demonstrations that want to enter the Zócalo

“Now they are occupying the whole plate (…) better that they occupy a part and that they vacate the stores that are empty so that they allow other demonstrations to enter the Zócalo,” he said.