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Covid-19 cases increase in Guerrero


This Monday begins epidemiological week 42 and the state of Guerrero is about to return to a red light due to the increase in contagion of covid-19, which would mean the closure of economic activities in the state, mainly the closure of beaches for tourist destinations, a situation that many attribute to poor handling of the pandemic by the government of Héctor Astudillo.

In the first days of September, when changing to a yellow traffic light and when a greater capacity was authorized in hotels, restaurants and the power to open nightclubs and bars, it caused more tourists and all the people in the street, this was reflected in a large number contagion, because apparently people believed that the situation was under control.

The hoteliers went from a capacity in their occupations of 40% to 60% and when the government of Héctor Astudillo announced a return to the orange traffic light, the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Acapulco, José Luis Smithers Jiménez, rebelled, ensuring that they would not allow a drop from their occupations, since they were complying with all the protocols that had been requested.

The representative of the hoteliers of Acapulco pointed out that the state government should pay more attention to the neighborhoods, the inns, and transportation.

It is not fair that we pay just for sinners, we (the hoteliers) have taken care of the sanitary measures, in addition to the fact that by changing to a yellow traffic light, several hotels were increasing the number of reservations and lowering the capacity would mean canceling them ”, he commented.

In Acapulco there have been many problems with the bars, because although the capacity was limited to 50% of their capacity, at the time of carrying out operations by the Civil Protection and Health authorities, many of them were at 100% of its capacity.

The lack of control by the authorities caused this situation to occur every weekend in most of the bars.

The traffic light change was due to the economic pressure that was had, due to all the months that the beaches were closed since April and people without income, there was discontent among the population due to the lack of jobs and income.

It was decided that starting in September, Guerrero would change from an orange traffic light to a yellow one. This decision was supported by arguing that there were more covid beds to use if necessary. However, the controls established by state authorities to control infections have not worked.

At the press conference this Sunday, it was announced that infections and hospitalization continue to rise, so far 20,499 infected people have been reported in Guerrero, 2,069 people have died, most of them over 60 years old, but also there are young people; 82 new cases in the last 24 hours.

In the last hours, 37,323 studies have been reported, of the tests carried out for covid-19 at this time, 49% are positive.

The cities with the highest number of infections are Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Chilpancingo, Tixtla and Ometepec.

The Secretary of State Health reports 213 hospitalized, 111 are stable, 82 are serious with oxygen support and 49 people are intubated.

In Guerrero there are 16 hospitalized health sector workers and their diagnosis is serious; So far, 47 workers in the Guerrero health sector have died.

Returning to the red light would be to close the economy in the main cities, the closure of the three tourist destinations in the state and close the state beaches.