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Muñoz Ledo summons to ‘take possession’ in Morena

The self-proclaimed new national president of Morena, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, assured that he will take the presidency of the party this Monday, October 12.

In his Twitter account, the still aspiring Morena leadership invited the militancy to accompany him in the “inauguration” at 12:00 hours in Chihuahua 216, Col. Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc Delegation 06700, Mexico City.

In another message, he stated that he will not disgrace the struggle for democracy in Mexico that he has pursued for 40 years.

He added that “millionaire money tries to take over”, and reiterated having won the polls as the national leader of Morena.

During a conversation with militants and supporters of Morena in Puebla, Muñoz Ledo described Mario Delgado’s statements as serious and stupid, who accused him of wanting to use the party to remove President Andrés Manuel López Obrador from power.

He recalled that from its origins López Obrador’s vision was key to the party and that he collaborated with him since the 1980s, so his “line of loyalty” dates from the first leadership of the PRD with Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas.

Therefore, he emphasized that his purpose as leader of Morena is to leave a movement strong in ideas and in militancy.

In a meeting with Morena supporters in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mario Delgado pointed out that “Porfirio Muñoz Ledo can turn Morena into an opposition party to the government of Andrés Manuel. That is the route he is proposing through ruptures, sectarianism and the exclusion”.

He accused that by proclaiming himself as the leader of Morena, Muñoz Ledo seeks to carry out a kind of “coup d’état against the party”, thus violating the law and democracy.

“That is not a good sign either for Morena or for the country. What contradiction would it be for our democratic struggle to have a spurious leader,” he said.

“With this level of vehemence, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo can ignore Andrés Manuel López Obrador at any time or even attack him for his democratic conviction. He is putting at risk everything we have achieved, everything we have fought for for more than 20 years for AMLO to become president and guide a true transformation of public life in our country. “