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They investigate the subject who killed a dog with machetes in Edomex

After a video went viral showing a man who killed a dog with machetes in the Mexican municipality of Ixtapaluca, the Procuraduría de Protección al Ambiente del Estado de México (Propaem), in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office of State Justice (FGJEM), investigates the facts.

In a statement, Propaem reported that it contacted the person who reported the death of the pet to obtain more information and provide the appropriate advice.

The images that were released on social networks were recorded yesterday, in which a neighbor assaults a dog named “Masha” with a machete, who died moments later.

The complainant explained that the attack occurred on October 10 in a farm in Ixtapaluca, after the aggressor argued that “Masha” killed some of her chickens.

The owners of “Masha” appeared before the Public Ministry to denounce her death, which led to an investigation folder.

Propaem personnel made an inspection visit at the scene to initiate the legal administrative procedure.

According to the Code of Biodiversity of the State of Mexico, the minimum violation for animal abuse is 86,880 pesos, while the maximum reaches 217,200 pesos, which is equivalent to 2,500 days of minimum wage.

The state Penal Code establishes that persons who cause non-immediate death using a means that prolongs the agony of any animal that does not constitute a plague, will be sentenced to six months to two years in prison and a fine of 100 to 200 days. , which is equivalent to penalties ranging from 8 thousand 688 to 17 thousand 376 pesos.