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Colmex students join protests in favor of trusts

Students and graduates of El Colegio de México called on the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, not to eliminate the 109 trusts, because “the investigation requires cooperation and plurality of approaches, and for this reason we consider it imperative to raise our voices in solidarity with the institutions that are affected by this decision. ”

Through a letter released this Tuesday on social networks, the students and graduates of El Colegio recalled that López Obrador recently made a visit, regarding the 80 years of that house of studies.

“In that ceremony, you said that ‘El Colegio has contributed a lot to the development of our country; research in history, economics, social issues, in the international field, population, urban development, recently the work of inequality. ‘ But this scientific work is not generated only in El Colegio, but in conjunction with a broader academic community, and requires a continuous commitment from the Mexican State with the financing and institutional strengthening of research and teaching, “they point out.

The signatories assure that the recently defunct trusts represented an “essential tool to guarantee the full operation of long-term projects and for the administration of resources granted by non-governmental institutions.”

They also warn that greater monitoring of funds and strengthening accountability are needed. However, a thorough evaluation and modification of the structures is required, not their removal.

“The disappearance of these trusts represents not only a loss of resources for the investigation, but also of a structure that organizes their use. Although we agree with you on the importance of combating corruption for the development of the country, we believe that in this case the cure has been worse than the disease. “

They also add that research requires cooperation and plurality of approaches, “For this reason we consider it imperative to raise our voice in solidarity with the institutions that are affected by this decision. Institutions with which El Colegio de México has collaborated on numerous occasions, such as the CIDE, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte and the Mora Institute, among many others. “

This morning researchers from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav), the Academy of Sciences of Morelos and the ProCienciaMx Network arrived at the Senate to demonstrate against the initiative that proposes the extinction of trusts, among them those of science and technology.

“More science, less obedience” and “Senator, don’t be submissive, protect the trust”, were some of the slogans that the scientific community repeated over and over again.

In addition, in social networks, tags such as #FideicomiSOS #NoNosPoliticen #FideicomisosDeCiencias have been used.