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Tax freeze in Brossard: elected officials denounce the mayor’s lack of transparency –

Even if they say they agree with Mayor Doreen Assaad’s wish to freeze municipal taxes for 2021, councilors Julie Bénard, Claudio Benedetti, Sylvie DesGroseilliers, Monique Gagné, Michel Gervais and Pierre Jetté deplore its “lack of transparency” in the file.

Remember that the six advisers and their four other colleagues have been sitting as independents since Doreen Assaad dissolved the Brossard Ensemble caucus on September 8.

“In recent weeks, we have noticed a certain habit of the mayor to go beyond the administrative authorities of the City and to go out in the media without having consulted them beforehand, underlines Michel Gervais, member of the finance committee. In the example of the tax freeze, the finance committee was already evaluating this possibility and was preparing to submit it to the whole council as well as to the administration. The question to ask is the following: does the mayor trust the own authorities of her administration? ”

According to the six elected officials, although the tax freeze seems to be unanimous in the council, “an important groundwork remains to be done”.

Stressing that Brossard’s population and infrastructures are increasing year after year, the president of the finance committee Julie Bénard believes that the challenges will be many to reach a budget with 0% increase.

“Although maintaining services to the population is non-negotiable for independent advisers, it must be recognized that Brossard is a city in full growth. The efforts will be colossal and it is too early to be sure that we will be able to reach the goal of 0% increase. ”

The six elected officials therefore hope that the substantive discussions can now take place.