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They catch auto parts thieves in Iztacalco. Do you recognize them?


A video broadcast on social networks shows a couple of auto parts thieves in the Iztacalco mayor’s office in Mexico City.

The one-minute video shows the moment when the criminals, who ride in the back of a sedan, park next to the vehicle on the public road from which they will rob.

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A woman who was traveling as co-pilot of the sedan vehicle raises her window glass to avoid being focused by security cameras in the Agrícola Oriental neighborhood.

The two thieves get out of the vehicle and pretend to stretch out, while another car circulates near them. When it has advanced enough, they both take tools and begin to strip the rear lights from the unit that was parked.

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The criminals turn on multiple occasions to the sides while struggling to remove the headlights, to avoid being discovered, however the video of the robbery was broadcast on social networks.

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