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They rule out using PREP in Hidalgo; will give results through another tool

The Electoral Institute of Hidalgo (IEEH) approved an agreement in which it informs that the results of the elections this Sunday will not be released through the PREP of the INE because the company that offers said service did not comply with the regulations.

Hours before the start of the electoral day in Hidalgo in which 84 municipalities will be renewed, the General Council of the IEEH met to determine that the results of this Sunday’s election will be given through the “Preliminaries Hidalgo 2020” tool.

The local councilors indicated that, because the National Electoral Institute contemplates “very specific” aspects of compliance with the methodology for the implementation of the Electoral Results Program (PREP) and since the “company hired by this electoral body (INE) for this purpose, it did not fully comply with the provisions of the regulations “, so the IEEH considered a second alternative and approved the tool” Preliminaries Hidalgo 2020 “.

In a statement it is argued that said tool “will give the same certainty on the night of the election since it has all the necessary security elements indicated in the electoral regulations, which allows guaranteeing and ensuring a correct flow of information in a safe and secure manner. efficient”.

It was indicated that the preliminary results are informative in nature and are made through the capture, digitization and publication of the data recorded in the tally and tally records that will be carried out at the 3 thousand 738 polls that will be installed throughout the state.

The “Preliminaries Hidalgo 2020” tool will start operating at 6:00 p.m.; However, the agreement does not mention the time in which the first results will begin to fall.