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2020, an incandescent year according to Jean-René Dufort –

Jean-René Dufort spoke with us to discuss the year 2020, the conspirators and the polarization of opinion.

How to describe the year 2020? “It’s a shit year !, launches without waiting the host ofInfoman. This is the year of horror we weren’t expecting. ”

He recognizes that his Year in Review will be difficult to achieve. Even if a lot has happened since January, the host admits that the news has mostly revolved around a single subject. “It is a year of pandemic. We didn’t talk about that! ”

The challenge will then be to diversify the content of the popular Review, while putting the year behind us, without forgetting that we will not yet be “out of the woods”.

Jean-René Dufort also admits to being sometimes dizzy in the face of the frantic pace of the news in recent months. “More seriously, it’s a glowing year. The engine got carried away in all subjects. ”

News that seems hot on Monday is already out of date for the show returned to Thursday. This is why the host remains cautious about the nature of his end-of-year special, which he never starts planning until mid-November.

“It’s always esoteric, the feeling of the year. We don’t know yet if Donald will be back, so just that… ”

Polarization of opinion

While there appears to be a rise in conspiracies and increasingly polarized opinions, the host ofInfoman believes that this is the result of several phenomena.

First, social media gave everyone a voice. “Anyone can come to your front steps and tell you what they think of you.” Each individual has become a medium in itself. ”

Then times of stress, such as the pandemic, can exacerbate opinions. “We see people in the street, they tense up a lot. They are annoyed, they are bored, and they express their opinions frankly. “

The trained biochemist also explains that the human brain is always trying to find simple solutions to complicated problems, especially when one does not understand what is going on. This is the trap that conspirators fall into, but which anyone can fall victim to.

“This week, we are trying to understand why Quebec has more cases than Ontario. We say, “it’s the fault of Quebecers”. But there are 26 answers, 26 aspects to the question! There are no easy solutions in a pandemic. It’s boring too. ”

Jean-René Dufort, war journalist?

The year 2020 poses its share of challenges, but the experienced journalist says he is fueled by this kind of bubbling environment.

“I could easily have been a war journalist. When things go badly, things stir, I live well, I am good at dealing with periods of stress. I don’t have easy anxiety. ”

He finds that the year brought some fascinating topics, gave us all a crash course in biology, and gave us an interesting psychological experience. Not to mention that the pandemic has forced society to adapt and mentalities to change very quickly.

“It’s stimulating to see that you can change things that you thought you couldn’t change.”

Something that he hopes will help us cope with post-COVID challenges.

“We forget another problem: climate change. There will eventually be a vaccine against COVID, but not against climate change. ”

Text by Simon Cordeau, Local Journalism Initiative, Journal Accès