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VIDEO – CEGEP professors demonstrate in front of Danielle McCann’s office –

They were more than fifteen in front of the office of the Minister of Higher Education in Saint-Constant, Danielle McCann, on October 23, to demand additional resources to allow them to breathe. Distance education and the resulting overload of work weighs down teachers’ morale, raises their union.

According to the National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN), a survey of 2,400 college members shows that 22% of them experience psychological distress due to the practice of their profession. under current conditions.

“We would like resources to be added to reduce the size of groups or reduce the number of groups charged to teachers,” said Virginie L’Hérault, professor at Collège Montmorency in Laval and union activist.

Teachers want to present their course in the best possible way, she says, but evaluating students and providing adequate supervision from a distance is not easy.

“For example, we are dealing with an extremely high volume of student emails right now,” she explains.

According to Jean-François Legault, professor at the Collège de Valleyfield, he and his colleagues had to reinvent their profession overnight, “by using tools that are not all developed and by being completely cut off from our students”.

He says students need to be supervised “two to three times more often” now than usual.

“How can nursing or physical education teachers offer their subject at a distance?” he asks.

National movement

The action of teachers and union representatives took place on the sidelines of the meeting between spokespersons for the FNEEQ-CSN and representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education scheduled for the same time in Quebec.