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9 people fall and seize drugs during searches in BJ


Investigative Police (PDI) agents and personnel from the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC), with the support of the National Guard (GN), carried out five searches of buildings, located in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, where they detained nine people and they secured different amounts of narcotics.

A Control judge issued the search warrants for the properties located in the Niños Héroes de Chapultepec, San Simón Ticumac, María del Carmen, Narvarte and Independencia neighborhoods, which were probably used as drug outlets.

As a result of the searches, seven men and two women were arrested; Four properties were insured and about 171 bags of green vegetables were found, with characteristics similar to marijuana, approximately 74 with white powder, similar to cocaine, about 12 kilograms of green grass in bulk, and three stone scales.

Therefore, FGJ personnel affixed stamps and secured the addresses to continue with the investigations and integrate the corresponding investigation folders. It should be noted that, in an inspected home located in the Independencia neighborhood, no evidence of a crime was found.

Meanwhile, the detained persons, as well as the evidence, were made available to the agent of the Public Ministry at the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of the Crime of Narcomenudeo, who will determine their legal situation in the next few hours.

These actions were carried out without the use of violence, in strict adherence to police action protocols and respect for human rights.

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