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Granny begs for help to see her family; ‘I’m running out of time’, he says

Mary Fowley is a 104-year-old granny who asks for help to see her family; ensures you don’t have much time. Photo: Screenshot


The pandemic of coronavirus it takes us away from friends, coworkers and the family, especially the groups that are vulnerable.

For a few days the video of a 104 year old granny what begs for let her see her family because ‘time is running out’.

And it is that the woman, Mary Fowley, lives in a nursing home Scotland, but for the covid pandemic her relatives cannot visit her.

Mary is aware that at 104 her health is fragile and she needs to see her family.

They take good care of me, but I want to see my family. It is my right and I ask for help please, ‘he commented in the video that quickly went viral.

The video was Posted by Twitter user Cathie Russell, who detailed that the woman is 104 years old and lives without being able to leave the asylum.

Mary Fowler, 104, and locked up in a nursing home since it closed in March, is at the limit of her capacity. Mary is desperate to see her great-grandchildren. “

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