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The design of the Gravité Marketing agency featured at Occupation double –

The Gravité Marketing agency, whose office is in Candiac, is behind the new brand image of Cardio Plein Air, official gymnasium sponsor of the Chez nous edition ofDouble occupation.

Visible on the wall of the training center, as well as in TV advertisements, one of the visuals of this mandate “stands out for its power and its daring”, says the agency which is pleased to have “perfectly well combined with the essence of Cardio Plein Air ”, namely personalized training that combines excitement and pleasure in the heart of nature.

“What pride for the agency to have been mandated to completely review the brand image of this company with a unique concept in Quebec,” says Judith Cailhier, Executive VP of the Gravité Marketing agency. There are those professional meetings that are the perfect match! From the start, our meeting with Danielle Danault, CEO of Cardio Plein Air, and her team was a real crush. Our creativity, combined with his vision, gives the result of which we are so proud. ”

Gravité Marketing is owned by Gravité, which also owns five newspapers, including The Courrier du Sud.