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The final battle of Endgame was different; this could have been the outcome

Avengers: Endgame is available on Disney +. Photo: marvel


The final battle of the Avengers, and their allies, against Thanos and his hordes at the end of Endgame is possibly the biggest and most ambitious fight sequence in superhero cinema, and in history in general. Endless characters face off at a breakneck pace. And new concept art for the film reveals that it could be even more brutal.

Although at the beginning of the fight only Iron Man, Captain America and Thor face the young version of Thanos, thanks to the Hulk’s Infinity Stones snap reinforcements arrive soon. And that’s when the real war begins, with thousands of creatures, characters and superpowers, which required extensive and exhaustive organization by the film’s creative team.

And it all started with the creation of a series of illustrations that would later serve as inspiration for the climax of Endgame. Designer and illustrator Ryan Lang has shared on Instagram one of those illustrations created during the pre-production process of the Russo brothers’ film. And as can be seen in the publication, every detail was measured to the millimeter long before filming began.

As shown in the images, the original Avengers are at the center of combat, which means that Marvel had already planned for them to survive Infinity War. However, Black Widow and Hulk do not appear, since neither of them made it to the final battle. Nor does Captain Marve appearl, showing that at the time of pre-production it was unclear whether he would join the fight.

Another curious fact is that in this pre-production process the portals created by Doctor Strange to bring back the fallen were also absent. One of the most epic moments in the entire MCU that struck a balance in favor of the Avengers when they were about to give up everything.

Avengers: Endgame is available at Disney +.

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