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Winter time: Norway’s weather minister apologizes for extending 2020 one more hour

Adding one more hour when October ends has been common for decades in most European countries. This 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the routine measurement of the time change has elicited an ironic comment from the Norwegian Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Iselin Nybø has among its competences that of the Adjustment Service of the Nordic country, responsible for setting the official time, which determines that this Sunday, the 26th, summer time will give way to winter time. As in the countries of the European Union, on the 26th there will be 25 hours, when at three in the morning it will be two again.

“As Minister of Time, I deeply regret that 2020 is another hour. This year has already been very demanding for many,” Norwegian policy pointed out in a statement to the information agency NTB that collects the digital newspaper E24 Næringsliv. Nybø added that the change also allows citizens to “shine more”. “When we turn the clock back, the night lengthens an hour. That means that when we get up on Sunday the sun will have managed to rise a little higher above the horizon than at the same time the day before. We will have a brighter morning than we expected. we would have, “the minister encouraged. The Nordic country applied in March the change from winter time to summer time, in which one hour is lost, when the clocks are advanced at three when it is two in the morning.

Nybø, 39, a member of the Liberal Party, was appointed Minister of Commerce and Industry in January this year, after holding the Science and Higher Education portfolio for two years. The time change, whose effectiveness is disputed, is applied in a good part of the European countries and, on other dates, in North America, Chile, several countries in the Middle East, Iran, Australia or New Zealand. In 2019, the European Parliament called for an end to the time change in 2021, a measure that European countries must adopt in order for it to be implemented. This autumn of 2020, neither in Norway nor in Spain will be spared having one more hour.