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Colegio de Bachilleres restarts activities after taking over its facilities

The Colegio de Bachilleres recalled that it continues to attend to the academic and socio-emotional issues of its community. Photo: Cuartoscuro


He Baccalaureate College (Colbach), restarted activities in its facilities of Fray Servando T. de Mier, after yesterday they negotiated with protesters who kept them taken, so they are already working on the analysis of the points of the request sheet of the nonconformists.

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In this way, the Colbach detailed that attention to the demands of the statement will be made within the powers of the College, the budgetary resources available to it and in accordance with the circumstances established by the health contingency in the Metropolitan Area.

Through a statement, The institution reiterated its commitment to dialogue for the resolution of conflicts and attention to the demands expressed in social protests.

He College of Bachelors took the opportunity to remember that he continues to attend to the academic and socio-emotional affairs of his community through online and distance support mechanisms.

He added that he develops the training of his teaching staff through online activities, which address issues related to the development of teaching skills to carry out teaching with digital media.

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Finally, he called his educative community to continue working together for the benefit of the training of its students and reiterated its willingness to address complaints and complaints, which may be presented on the following platforms:

Electronic mailbox for complaints and reports:

COLBACH Ethics Committee:

Directory with contact information for the directive staff in the 20 campuses:

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