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Morena goes for reform of the Health Fund

Morena’s bench in the Chamber of Deputies is ready to approve, by fast-track, the reform so that the government obtains up to 33 billion pesos from the Health Fund for Well-being, also known as Catastrophic Expenses, to fill the gap that was generated to the 2021 Federation Income Law last Thursday.

The Budget and Public Account and Health commissions already have the opinions ready (which they plan to approve on Tuesday) of the reform that was presented just last Thursday by the deputy of Morena Iván Arturo Pérez Negrón and that modifies articles 77 bis 17 and 29 of the General Health Law.

Last Wednesday, the plenary session of San Lázaro approved and sent to the Senate the Fiscal Miscellany and the Income Law, with an expense for the Executive of 6 billion 262 thousand 736.2 million pesos; However, it had a reduction of 33 billion pesos as proposed by the President, due to the elimination of a transitory article that sought to obtain resources from the Health Fund for Well-being.

For this reason, Morena presented, through deputy Pérez Negrón, the initiative for the Health Institute for Wellbeing to instruct that the Health Fund for Wellbeing, no later than April 1, 2021, concentrate on the Treasury of the Federation 33 billion pesos of the assets of that trust.

In addition, it seeks that when this fund accumulates resources in an amount greater than twice the amount approved in the 2020 budget, as contributions to the trust of the Health Fund for Well-being, the remainder can be used to strengthen actions in health.

The amendment proposal adds that the accumulated resources kept in the fund will continue to guarantee the care of diseases that caused catastrophic expenses, the attention to infrastructure needs, the supply and distribution of medicines and other supplies, as well as access to clinical examinations. .

Last Tuesday, the coordinator of the Morena bench in San Lázaro, Mario Delgado, announced the reform that seeks to recover 33 billion pesos from the Health Fund and ensure the purchase of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Delgado confirmed that the Income Law would be endorsed with 33 billion pesos less than as proposed by the Executive Power, but with this initiative, which will be ruled next week, he said that that amount will be recovered so as not to be affected by government spending federal.