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Perform shot by Gerardo, his life was turned off in an instant; demand justice


At six in the afternoon, they began to arrive.

Almost at the same time when, a week ago, Gerardo lost his life when he collided with a truck whose driver, in an apparent state of drunkenness, did not respect the red light.

Family and friends of the young man 25 years old and whose life was extinguished in an instant, they gathered to demand justice.

And the man, who said his name was Rodolfo, responsible for Gerardo’s death, was released by judge Claudia Verónica Monroy Ramírez.

“The issue is no longer him. For the family he is no longer him. He will either eventually escape or not escape. Here the admirable thing is the subject of the judge, who having the preventive prison does not decree it. That’s the most serious thing, ”said José Luis Cortés, Gerardo’s uncle.

More than 50 bikers made their machines roar to ask the authorities to act against the person responsible and the proceeding of the thu is investigatedz.

“We do not want a revenge issue, we want justice, trust the authorities, trust the country, but it is not possible,” said Garza Galindo, who is also the family lawyer.

Minutes before seven at night, They got on their motorcycles and started the journey.I went to the capital’s Zócalo to ask the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, to help them so that this situation does not go unpunished.

“That they pay attention to the cases. We are talking about human things, about legal security for citizens. We are talking about what elements are required so that citizens can trust the authorities.”

José Luis was received by the capital government’s concertation personnel and they agreed that this Monday they will be received by the head of the capital’s Attorney General’s Office, Ernestina Godoy.