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PRI employee falls in Saltillo for abusing her children

Janeth “E”, 33, was arrested in Saltillo, Coahuila, for abusing children. Image: Special


A PRI employee in Saltillo, Coahuila was arrested for the crimes of sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

The woman’s partner and stepfather of the three children is a fugitive from justice, according to local media.

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The woman was identified as Janeth “E”, 33 years old. The arrest was carried out by agents of the Criminal Investigation Police outside the PRI building when he was leaving work.

According to the El Zócalo news portal, the victims, two girls, one 10 and one three, as well as a four-year-old boy, were forced to see that their mother had sexual relations with their partner, and they were also attacked if they were they refused to observe.

The woman also forced the minors to watch pornography videos.

Relatives of the children became aware of the facts, and notified PRONNIF that they immediately put together the investigation folder and requested the arrest warrants against Janeth and Fernando, which were authorized.

Janeth “E” has already been presented before a judge for her impeachment hearing, in which she was sentenced to preventive detention and her involvement in the process was scheduled for next Wednesday, while her partner remains a fugitive from justice.

Citizens are invited to provide any information that leads to the capture of Fernando by communicating anonymously at 911, or 4341000.

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