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PRI wins closed election in Pachuca

The PRI member Sergio Baños Rubio was ratified by the state electoral body as the winner of the contest last Sunday in the capital of the state of Hidalgo, achieving a difference of 2,174 votes over the candidate of Morena Pablo Vargas.

The nonconformity of the morenista to the results of the last election, originated the vote count per vote and box per box, which culminated this Friday afternoon and later the proof of majority was delivered to the PRI member Sergio Baños, which accredits him as municipal president of Pachuca.

The final count yielded a difference of 2,174 votes.

Upon receiving the confirmation of the majority, the PRI stated that a review of the past administration where Yolanda Telleria governed the PAN ruled. He indicated that the area of ​​financial matters such as indebtedness, public works and contracts will be addressed above all.

The Telleria government was severely questioned on these issues.

The president-elect of Pachuca indicated that he will present his government plan “Pachuca 100” for the first 100 days of government, as well as the municipal development plan.

For his part, Pablo Vargas called on his followers to form citizen committees in the colonies to defend the vote, since he maintains his argument that Moreno obtained the majority of the votes, despite the vote-by-vote count.

This Friday, the certificate was also delivered to the elected president of Ixmiquilpan, Vicente Charrez, with him, the municipal administration of that place located in the Mezquital Valley, will be governor by the Charrez Pedraza brothers in three consecutive administrations.

The first mayor was former federal deputy Cipriano Charrez, who is now in prison as a result of a car accident that occurred in 2019 and where one person died.