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They give preventive detention to 57 for taking a booth

The Judge of Control, Oral Trial and Execution of Sanctions of the only judicial district in Morelos, David Ricardo Ponce González, issued preventive detention against 57 of the 78 people who were detained in an operation on Tuesday night for taking the toll booth from Alpuyeca, since last October 5.

The 21 remaining detainees are minors who were handed over to the Office of the Attorney for the Protection of Girls, Boys, Adolescents and the Family of the DIF Morelos System, because due to their age, they are unimpeachable.

The arrest took place on Tuesday night in an operation carried out in the 184 Franciso Velasco Durán collection plaza, also known as Alpuyeca, in which both federal and state agents participated.

Three buses, five cell phones and a container with coins of various denominations were also secured at the site.

On Friday, a hearing was held to control the detention of 43 men and 14 women investigated for the crimes of kidnapping, damages and injuries, but when not finding enough elements, the judge ordered preventive detention for the 57 people.

The process binding hearing will be held next Tuesday.

According to information from the Morelos Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor’s Office, the detainees kept three bus operators in which they were transported deprived of their liberty, two of them since October 12 in the municipality of Puente de Ixtla.

Of the 78 people detained, the authorities indicated that 61 are originally from Guerrero, 15 from Morelos, one person from Michoacán and one more is from Mexico City.

The main group originally from Guerrero operated in favor of a criminal group, which delivered payments of up to 1,500 pesos to people who extorted drivers by conditioning the passage through different centers and toll booths. They asked for the delivery of an amount referred to by themselves as “quota”.