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They will review the case of the death of Gerardo Cardoso with the prosecutor Godoy

Around 50 motorcyclists rode from the Campestre Churubusco neighborhood to the capital’s Zócalo to demand justice. Photos: Mateo Reyes


At six in the afternoon, family and friends of Gerardo Cardoso They arrived at the corner of Cerro del Cubilete and Cerro de las Torres where a week ago, almost at the same time, he died in a traffic event.

They demanded justice for the 25-year-old, since the man, who said his name was Rodolfo, involved in the fatal accident, was released by Judge Claudia Verónica Monroy Ramírez, without leaving an official identification to be recognized.

The subject is no longer him. For the family he is no longer him. He will either eventually escape or not escape. What is admirable here is the issue of the judge, who, having preventive detention, does not decree it. That is the most serious thing ”, he commented to Excelsior José Luis Cortés Garza Galindo, Gerardo’s uncle.

More of 50 motorcyclists they made their machines roar to ask the authorities to act against the person responsible and to investigate the conduct of the judge.

We do not want a matter of revenge, we want justice, trust in the authorities and in the country, but it is not possible, ”said Garza Galindo, who is also a lawyer for the family.

Minutes before seven at night, they got on their motorcycles and started the trip to the Capital Zocalo to ask the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, to help them so that this situation does not go unpunished.

The contingent arrived on November 20 and circulated to Venustiano Carranza, where there is a police fence.

José Luis was attended by staff from the capital government and agreed that tomorrow at 5 in the afternoon they will be received by the head of the Attorney General’s Office of the capital, Ernestina godoY.

In the morning, the head of government reported that she will ask to review the actions of the judge and the public prosecutor who attended the case.

It considered that, if the person responsible was allegedly drunk, he was driving speeding and a halt was passed, it should be sanctioned in a different way than the one determined by the justice authorities.