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Time change: we set the clock back to winter time

This morning from Saturday October 24 to Sunday 25, there has been a new time change in Spain, the second and final of the year. On this occasion, the clock is delayed 1 hour and at 3 in the morning it will be 2 again, giving entry to the new winter time.

He Winter time It is part of the usual dynamic by which we adjust the clocks to adapt the schedules to greater energy savings and use of daylight hours until March.

Time changes occur twice a year, once in March and once now, in October. Community directive 2000/84 / EC is responsible for this variation in Europe and the reason why the hours of our mobile devices are automatically advanced or delayed.

The most immediate effect of Winter time in our lives it will be noticed in the hours of light, and it is that as of this Sunday, it will dawn and dusk before.

Definitive change?

In 2018, when the European Union considered eliminating the seasonal time change in 2019, an initiative that was finally postponed to 2021. The community proposal was supported by a European survey conducted on 4.6 million citizens, 84% of whom were They spoke in favor of abolishing this semi-annual change.

The European Parliament approved to demand the end of the time change in 2021, however, this decision needs the approval of the States and the situation remains unchanged. Thus, Spain maintains, for now, its current time zone and the time changes in force for more than four decades.