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Two graphic works by Kati Horna are finished; Morton House Photography Auction

Varus appears wearing a mask made by Leonora Carrington. Photo: Courtesy Casa Morton


Two photographs taken by Kati Horna, one in which the Spanish painter Remedios Varo can be seen wearing a mask made by Leonora Carrington, and another where Leonora poses, will be auctioned at the Morton House on October 29 at 6:00 p.m. hours.

The three creative women arrived in Mexico at the end of the 30s of the last century; and they settled in the Roma colony of the Aztec capital, where they became close friends. These images, printed on vintage paper and signed on the back, are proof of this, the auctioneer details in a statement.

With a hazardous life, Horna arrived in the country in 1939, fleeing the war in Europe. Coming from a wealthy Jewish family in Hungary, Kati Horna studied photography in Berlin and finished her training in Paris, where she had her first acquaintances with the surrealist movement.

Of ideology with anarchist overtones, she was invited to cover the Spanish Civil War as a photographer, where she met her husband, José Horna, who was actively involved with the Republicans; situation for which they had to ask Mexico for help to save their lives.

In Mexico, he coincides with Chiki Weisz, a compatriot and an old friend, who introduced him to his wife Leonora Carrington. This is how the close friendship between the two began and, later, with Remedios Varo.

This circle of European women, with great contributions to Mexican cultural life, was recorded in Horna’s experimental photographs, the document notes.

Varo’s has a price of between 140 and 200 thousand pesos.