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Deputies disapprove last account of the six-year term

The Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies rejected the Public Account for 2018, corresponding to the last year of the presidential term, Enrique Peña Nieto for various irregularities that were found, as well as because an improvement in the quality of life of the citizens.

With 31 votes in favor of Morena, PT, PES, MC, PRD and Verde; and one against the PRI and one abstention from the PAN, this legislative body disapproved of the 2018 Public Account and it was sent to the plenary session for debate and discussion in the coming days.

It should be remembered that in October 2019, the federal deputies also disapproved of the Public Accounts of the PRI government of 2015 and 2017 and this Tuesday they also rejected the one for the last year of the past six-year term.

“In general, it is estimated that during 2018 the national development objectives were not met, nor was a significant improvement in the quality of life of citizens achieved. The six-year evolution of the indicators of poverty, inequality, competitiveness, violence, informality and job insecurity, as well as access to quality public services, suggest that the performance of the federal government did not effectively prioritize the well-being of the population, “defines the ruling of the ruling.

The opinion establishes that the budgetary public income amounted to 5,115,011.1 million pesos, a figure higher in 336,819.6 million pesos compared to what is estimated in the Federal Revenue Law.

The Net Public Expenditure exercised was 5,611,559.1 million pesos, an amount 6.3% higher than that approved by the Chamber of Deputies, which was 5,279,667 million pesos, and the additional expenditure, which was exercised beyond the legislative authorization, reached 331,892 million pesos.

In the Administrative Branch as a whole, the expenditure actually observed exceeded that approved by the Chamber of Deputies by 16%. That meant 163,769 million pesos.

It stands out that the Office of the Presidency of the Republic registered an expenditure of more than double what was approved; Instead of 1,797 million pesos, it actually exercised 3,682 million pesos, through transfers received during the year, which represented an increase of almost 105%, “the foregoing exemplified the use of wide margins of discretionary decisions as a characteristic of management financial of public resources “.

Criticizes poor planning and execution of the resources assigned to the population affected by the 2017 earthquakes, the failures in the registration of those affected in the affected entities, as well as the opacity with which the Fuerza México Trust received and assigned resources from donations from abroad.

The Fund for Financial Strengthening, included in Branch 23, exceeded its originally approved amount by 2,537 million pesos to actually distribute 50,172 million pesos during its exercise on a discretionary basis. That means that they freely distributed 47,634 million pesos.

In addition, it describes that the Superior Audit of the Federation carried out 1,807 audits of the 2018 Public Account. From these, 7,268 observations were determined, which gave rise to 10,152 actions.

It should be noted that the highest number of irregularities was identified in Federalized Expenditure and due to their number, these were concentrated in the states of Mexico City, Morelos, Oaxaca, the State of Mexico and Jalisco, for which their resolution will be monitored o sanction under the terms provided by law. Likewise, the states with the highest amount observed are State of Mexico, Tamaulipas, Tabasco, Puebla and Chihuahua.

“Considering that the objectives of the spending policy were not fully met, and that progress in meeting the objectives of national and sectoral programs had a marginal impact on the benefit of society, there are not enough elements to approve the Account of the Federal Public Finance corresponding to fiscal year 2018, “the document adds.

In addition, the Superior Auditor of the Federation is instructed to continue the legal procedure of responsibilities related to the Public Account 2018, as well as to send semi-annually to this Chamber of Deputies, updated information on the recovery or clarification of resources by the audited entities.

In accordance with the provisions of section VI of article 74 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and the provisions of the Law on Supervision and Accountability of the Federation, the approval of the opinion of the Public Account for fiscal year 2018 does not suspend the processing of actions promoted by the Superior Audit of the Federation.