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Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in jail for NXIVM case

The leader of the NXIVM group, Keith Raniere, was sentenced Tuesday to 120 years in prison. Photo: Reuters


The guru of self improvement Keith Raniere, whose followers within the NXIVM group included millionaires and actresses from Hollywood, was sentenced on Tuesday to 120 years in prison turning some female followers into sex slaves marked with their initials.

He District Judge Nicholas Garaufis handed down the sentence in federal court in Brooklyn after a lengthy hearing in which there were statements from the victims.

Prosecutors had asked for life in prison, while the defense attorneys they said i should face 15 years behind bars.

Raniere, 60, showed no remorse, and his attorneys told the judge before sentencing that his client was unrepentant “for your conduct or your decisions”.

The sentence ended several years from revelations about Raniere’s program, NXIVM, which charged thousands of dollars for self-improvement courses at its headquarters near Albany, New York, and at branches located in Mexico and Canada. Among the adherents were millionaires and Hollywood actresses willing to endure humiliation now. promise obedience to the accused as part of his teachings.

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