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The two referendums and the escape valves

In recent days, Colombia has entered the electoral slide. On the one hand, Uribismo, the current political force in power and which could be located on the most radical right wing, has designed its route for the 2022 elections. Former President Álvaro Uribe, in his first speech after being released , established the path for the presidential elections: On the one hand, leading the discourse that everything that does not resemble them is the extreme left, 21st century socialism, neo-Chavism, among others. That is, the strategy of fear. Second, he proposed a referendum that seeks, literally, to destroy the rule of law: they propose to dismantle the JEP – the transitional justice model -, reduce the Congress of the Republic, reform the justice system and, as a strategy to attract the popular vote, they propose to leave permanent the income or subsidy called Solidarity Income, corresponding to 40 dollars a month. In addition, the son of the former president would be the head of the list of the Democratic Center to the Senate of the Republic.

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