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They tear down the gates of the pantheon in Guerrero so they don’t close it

Residents of Xochistlahuaca, in Guerero, knocked down the doors of the pantheon to prevent them from being prevented from accessing them on Day of the Dead


PXochistlahuaca workersIn Guerero, they broke down the doors of the pantheon to avoid being prevented from accessing them on Day of the Dead.

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The foregoing was denounced by municipal president Daniel Sánchez Néstor, who announced that those responsible had already been identified.

They are people who have knowledge of the facts, have academic training but have political interests and want to do politics infecting and killing people, “he denounced.

Another activist is arrested and now she is taken to Guerrero

Sánchez Néstor informed the state authorities about the situation. He mentioned that the closure of as part of the health measures against Covid-19.

In an interview with the Quadratín Guerrero agency, he announced that the municipality will continue to spread and implement preventive measures to avoid contagion of Covid 19, like the peripheral to invite people not to go to the pantheon.

He added that the number of infected is “very high for the number of population that Xochistlahuaca has, you can have several deaths and have several cases, we are talking about hundreds, so it is an alarming question.”

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