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Sending remittances to Mexico without charging fees could be a new reality | The race

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It is common for many migrants to send money to their home countries to support their family and friends. In fact, according to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), in 2019, remittances, mainly sent from the United States, set a new record by reporting an amount of 36.048 million dollars; In fact, according to forecasts despite COVID-19, they will be around 40,000 million dollars by the end of this year.

This figure is not surprising considering how many Mexicans live in the United States permanently or come to work seasonally.

But sending money to our loved ones always means looking for who offers the best options: lower commissions, that is easy, safe and fast. This is where Skrill Money Transfer is presented as the best alternative guaranteeing a great benefit for Mexican immigrants and expatriates throughout the United States. With Skrill, users have access to fee-free money transfers, along with the best exchange rates, when they send money to Mexico from the United States.

Skrill Money Transfer is committed to making the transfers made through its application as competitive as possible. They even make sure that the rates are as identical as possible to the national rates. With all the money sent from the United States to Mexico, Skrill believes that the Hispanic community should not be overcharged to help those at home. Therefore, its objective is to become the money transfer service that the entire Mexican community in the United States uses.

With Skrill Money Transfer anyone can send money to their loved ones, like Claudia who is a middle-aged woman, a Mexican immigrant, who decided to come to the United States to help her family and provide them with a better quality of life.

“For 10 years I came to the United States looking for the American dream. It was quite difficult at first, but luckily I found a job as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant. I always looked for the best way to send money to my mother and children, who live in Coahuila. Thanks to my employers I got to know Skrill Money Transfer and it was very easy to use, since I can convert the dollars deposited in my family’s account into pesos, see the exact amount and the exchange rate in advance with a small calculator before press the ‘Send’ button. And the best of all is that I know how much they receive without paying commissions or extra fees “

Skrill has made digital payments simple, secure, and fast. Skrill USA is part of the PaySafe Group, which is fully identified and regulated by the FCA, with more than 20 years in operation, it is a global organization with a strong customer record and a score of ‘Excellent’ on the review platform in line: Trustpilot.

The Skrill Money Transfer service is very easy to use and only the following steps should be followed:

  1. Register on a computer or download the mobile application.
  2. Select the ‘Send’ tab at the bottom of the application and then ‘International money transfer’.
  3. Provide the following information:
    1. Direction
    2. City
    3. Postal Code
    4. Birthdate
    5. Telephone number attached (with your local area code)
  4. Choose the quantity you want to send.
  5. Add the name of the recipient, CLABE and go to the next screen.
  6. Pay.

Setting up an account with Skrill is very easy and allows you to send money as often as needed. The Skrill Money Transfer website is available in Spanish and allows us to take control of our money and save.

Do not continue paying more, visit SKRILL MONEY TRANSFER Or download the SKRILL app and start enjoying a 5misiones service to Mexico, so your loved ones will receive the money you worked so hard to earn for them. Remember, setting up a Skrill account is very easy and you can send money as often as you need without overpaying, penalizing fees, or suffering from terrible exchange rates. Welcome to the Skrill Money Transfer family that is proud to help the Latino community across the United States.

Make your dream come true with Skrill Money Transfer and avoid commissions!