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The end of an era: Au Bon Accueil gives way to a Napoli Pizzeria – L’

Since the purchase of the restaurant Au Bon Accueil, Mikaël Beaudoin is able to see that the people of the Sainte-Marguerite district are in mourning. Mourning that they will soon be able to put aside as a second Pizzeria Napoli will be installed there, keeping with it two of the cooks of the popular restaurant and its famous Club Sandwich on the menu.

The news was confirmed by the mother of the young entrepreneur, and future manager of the place, Lyne Buongiorno.

“I had been working for a year with Chantale Garceau, owner of Pizzeria Napoli in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, and she will be involved with us. Chantale has worked so hard over the past year to keep her restaurant open. My son had a meeting with the owners of Bon Accueil who wanted to retire and they came to an understanding. The good news is that we kept Guylaine and Thérèse, two cooks who had been there for a long time and who had the Bon Accueil tattooed on their hearts, ”she says.

“We heard great things about the Bon Accueil. There are families who used to eat there from generation to generation. We set the tables outside the restaurant and a gentleman even came to get one as a souvenir. Everyone is feverish, but also the locals all around. My son gets stopped by people every time he crosses the street. ”

The opening is scheduled for November 17, obviously, in take-out and delivery format for the moment. It will then be possible to eat there with the family as soon as the global pandemic is a thing of the past …