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‘What advice would you give to fulfill dreams?’ Asks Ricardo Salinas to Fernández Noroña

Through social networks, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, founder of Grupo Salinas, asked Deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña what advice, that has worked, would he give to fulfill dreams.

In a message, Salinas invited his more than 771 thousand Twitter followers to tell a friend, family member or acquaintance the “biggest goal” they have.

“If no one tells you that ‘you’re crazy’, your dream is too small. Find a more amazing one and repeat the exercise. He always aims very high, ”added Salinas.

“If by working hard material things were obtained, the people of Mexico would be a millionaire. Hug you ”, responded the vice coordinator of the Labor Party in San Lázaro.

In another message, Fernández Noroña wrote: “I would put the video of Steve Jobs thinking differently”, to which the founder of Grupo Salinas replied: “Now if to work hard to make up for lost time now that I feel fine ”.

Fernández Noroña suggested to Salinas to put in his question the image of “an 80-year-old man on top of Everest”.

Likewise, other followers of Salinas shared their dreams with him, such as “having a decent pension” and “achieving a university degree for my children”.