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After passing ‘Zeta’ they request to declare an emergency in 33 municipalities in Yucatán

In less than a month, Yucatán has suffered the passage of three hurricanes, “Zeta” was the last meteorological phenomenon. Photo: Special

Merida Yucatan

After the damage left by the passage of Hurricane “Zeta” in Yucatán, he Governor of the entity, Mauricio Vila requested the declaration of emergency for 33 municipalities from the east where the highest number of attestations were recorded.

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Through their social networks, the local president announced that the communities comply with the requirements established in the guidelines to access the Fund for Emergency Attention (Fonden).

The government of the entity seeks that the Yucatecans can access these resources and continue with the support and attention to the population of the different municipalities and affected localities.

The municipalities for which the Declaration of Emergency was requested are: Buctzotz, Calotmul, Cenotillo, Chemax, Chichimilá, Chikindzonot, Cuncunul, Dzidzantún, Dzilam de Bravo, Dzilam González, Dzitás, Dzoncauich, Espita, Huhí, Hunucmá, Kauaua Quintana Roo, Río Lagartos, San Felipe, Sinanché, Sucilá, Tahmek, Tekal de Venegas, Tekom, Temax, Temozón, Tinum, Tixcacalcupul, Tizimín, Uayma, Valladolid and Yobaín.

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According to authorities, among the main damages are damage to homes, flooded streets, trees and roofs that have been knocked down, lack of electricity and drinking water.

In less than a month, Yucatán has suffered the passage of three hurricanes, “Zeta” was the last Meteorological phenomenon that affected hundreds of inhabitants.

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