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AMLO assures that in 15 years Mexico will be a great power with peace and tranquility

In 15 years, Mexico will be a great power with peace and tranquility, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when questioned in his morning conference on what the country would be like in 2035.

“A great power, with peace and tranquility, because peace is the fruit of justice, what we are doing now is laying the foundations for justice, that there is not the monstrous economic and social inequality that produced the neoliberal model“, he indicated.

However, recognized that the administration of justice is a pending issue, but he clarified that now there is no impunity, nor is anyone protected from the Presidency.

“There is a delay because the complaints were not processed and at the end of the day, 1% of the accused were punished, great impunity throughout the process, but that depended a lot on the top.

“If the president had as his protégé and his main official the Secretary of Security (Genaro García Luna) and the Secretary of Security is accused of having ties to organized crime, imagine,” he declared.

“Or this other matter of the former Secretary of Defense (Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda), who does not know if he is responsible or not, but imagine how he was, but that no longer, because we are not equal, but it has a lot to do with democracy, how to get there, what ideals you have, principles, moral authority.

“If it is because of the paraphernalia of power, what is going to happen in Mexico in 15 years, knock on wood if the same regime of corruption and privileges returned, more decadence, but it will not be like that, because we are in a process of renewal and moralization of public life, “he added.