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Deaths from Covid-19 exceed those from diseases in 2019

The more than 90 thousand deaths from Covid-19 in the country exceed those registered in 2019 due to different diseases. File photo: Cuartoscuro


The 90 thousand 309 deaths caused by Covid-19, as of Wednesday, exceed diseases such as malignant tumors, liver, cerebrovascular; influenza and pneumonia, lung and kidney failure, recorded in 2019.

The National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI) presented this Thursday the report on the Characteristics of Deaths Registered in Mexico during the past year.

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In total, 747 thousand 784 people died, of which 422 thousand 185 were men, 56.4 percent, and 325 thousand 126 were women, 43.5 percent, while in 0.1 percent the sex was not specified, a total of 473 cases.

Deaths from illness

According to the INEGI report, last year 663,902 of the deaths were caused by diseases and health-related problems, 88.8 percent.

In this area, heart diseases ranked first with 156 thousand 41 victims, 23.5 percent; followed by diabetes mellitus with 104 thousand 354 cases, 15.7 percent, and malignant tumors were the third cause with 88 thousand 680 victims, 13.4 percent.

This is how Covid-19 began to surpass other causes of death due to illness in the number of victims last year, with 90,309 victims registered as of October 28.

In addition to deaths from malignant tumors, SARs-COV-2 exceeds 40,578 deaths from liver disease in 2019; cerebrovascular diseases caused 35 thousand 303 deaths, influenza and pneumonia were the cause of 31 thousand 81 deaths.

Covid-19 this year has also already exceeded 23,768 deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and 14,630 from kidney failure.

Extreme causes

The report on causes of death in the country in 2019 establishes that of the total registered cases, 11.2 percent corresponded to extreme causes, classified in 33 thousand 524 accidents, 36 thousand 661 homicides, 7 thousand 223 suicides, in 6 thousand 376 cases elements were missing to classify death, and in 98 deaths “other external causes” are determined.

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Regarding deaths caused by homicide, the INEGI detailed that 25 thousand 867 were committed with a firearm, 70 percent; With a cutting weapon there were 3,962 cases, 10.9 percent, and hangings, strangulation and suffocation were 2,560 cases, 7 percent.

For this reason, Guanajuato was the entity with the most deaths with 4,19 cases, followed by the State of Mexico with 3,242, Chihuahua with 2,936, Baja California with 2,823, Jalisco with 2,525, Michoacán with 2,000. 462 and Guerrero with 1,937, in the first places.

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