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Deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico exceed cancer deaths in 2019

Deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico already exceed deaths from cancer (malignant tumors) that were registered in 2019 in the country, according to the figures reported this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

According to the agency, last year there were 88,680 cancer deaths in Mexico, while this year only COVID-19 has already claimed the lives of 90,309 Mexicans.

Total, during 2019 747,784 deaths were registered, according to the administrative records generated from the death certificates supplied by the Civil Registry offices, the Forensic Medical Services and the statistical notebooks supplied by the Public Ministry Agencies.

The number of deaths increased slightly compared to 2018 when 722,611 were registered, while the gender trend remained the same, registering 56.4% of deaths in men and 43.5% in women both years.

By age groups, the highest proportion of deaths is concentrated in people aged 65 and over (420,661, equivalent to 56.3%).

Of the total deaths, 88% (663,902) were due to diseases and health-related problems.

The top three causes in both men and women are heart disease (156,041), diabetes mellitus (104,354), and malignancy / cancer (88,680).

While 11.2% of deaths (83,882) were due to external causes: accidents (33,524), homicides (36,661), suicides (7,223) and events of undetermined intention (6,376).

The latter are characterized because the certificate states that it lacks elements to classify the death in any of the previous categories.

For these last four causes of death, a higher proportion is observed in men, representing 76.8% of accidents, 88.7% of homicides, 81.8% of suicides and 81.3% of events of undetermined intention.

The Inegi highlighted that of the 6,376 deaths that correspond to events of undetermined intention, 16.5% had as a means of aggression a firearm, or a knife.

He also stressed that homicides are the fifth leading cause of death in the population overall (36,661) and the fourth leading cause of death in men (32,530).

The number of this crime had a drop of 24 cases compared to 2018 when 36,685 homicide victims were registered, of which 32,765 were men.