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Deputy from Michoacán denounces being a victim of extortion

The local deputy Wilma Zavala Ramírez, denounced that she has been a victim of digital sexual violence, through an intimate video in which she appears and that was recorded six years ago.

The independent legislator accused that with this material, a person tried to extort money from her, in exchange for not publishing it.

Zavala Ramírez, said emphatically that she refused to do so and the perpetrator released the video through WhattsApp messages.

She recalled that six years ago, she suffered violence with threats that this video would be made public, which caused severe emotional damage to her and her family.

“I have not offended anyone; it is a video of my personal life; they are messing with my intimacy as a woman,” said the popular representative.

Supported by her colleagues in the Legislature, she reiterated that this issue she went through has not been easy and that political and gender violence cannot be allowed.

“That is why I am here and we are here to raise our voices not only for myself but for the women of Michoacán and the Congress,” said Wilma Zavala.

Aggression brewed from the spheres of a party

He affirmed that this fact against him was already being forged from the spheres of a political party to damage his image and limit any possibility of continuing his career.

He specified that although he declared himself independent, the party for which he reached the Chamber of Deputies was Morena, from where they ironically contested his victory.

She stressed that despite the series of actions against her, she has fought alone against the current and has only dedicated herself to work.

The local deputy reported that she had already filed the criminal complaint with the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office, in the face of what she described as an act of cowardice.

Digital violence is classified as a serious crime in the Criminal Code of the State of Michoacán, where violence against intimidation of people is punished.

The penalty for the creditor establishes penalties of up to eight years in prison or fines of up to 170 thousand pesos.