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If they rate 12 and you don’t, you’re in big trouble. That means you failed terribly in the championship of mediocrity.

All the teams started the tournament, this strange tournament, authorizing that more teams could qualify for the final phase due to their serious economic problems generated by the covid pandemic.

I’m going to talk about what I think are the biggest disappointments so far.

Undoubtedly, the Xolos of Tijuana, who after hiring Pablo Guede are excited about a spectacular and winning team on all the fields of the country. As it turned out, Tijuana was a weak visitor and ceased to be important as a local.

In addition, the amount of changes that the coach makes in each game of players and the system, seeking to improve, calls my attention, something that he has not achieved.

Xolos, it is true, dismissed Nahuelpán and Bolaños when the tournament had already started, but it is not a pretext for having had such a gray season.

Now next week comes the return of the cup final that they already have uphill against Monterrey and a closure in which they should win their two games-against Pachuca and Querétaro-and wait for combinations.

Another great disappointment has been Mazatlán, especially because it is the same team from Morelia that left such good feelings in recent tournaments. The players have not adapted to their new home and it is difficult for them to get into the league.

They changed technicians and they changed absolutely nothing.

They are still a weak team at home and abroad.

And San Luis who, with Memo Vázquez as strategist and reinforcements like Quiroga, excited us and now it turns out that they are the last place in the table.

San Luis has the problem that important decisions come from Madrid, that is, in any case Vázquez could be fired.

They are the three great disappointments of the championship. Three teams that we owe a lot.