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Do you know the different types of pan de muerto? This interests you

The traditional and round one emulates a skull


For lovers of sweet bread, this is one of the best months of the year, the reason? THE BREAD OF THE DEAD.

Do you know how many calories a ‘pan de muerto’ has?

In early October the kitchens of bakeries, pastry shops and convenience stores begin to permeate the air with a smell of butter, which means that the Pan de Muerto is already in the ovens, ready to delight our palate.


Although you would think that there is only one type of dead bread, there are others more in the different states of the republic.


Check this:

Dead bread:

The traditional and round one, which emulates a skull. They range from small to family size.

It is made with traditional anise, sesame, orange zest, butter and sugar. Some are filled with cream, cream and even chocolate.

Offering bread

In Michoacán a human-shaped bread is made that is commonly placed on altars. It is made only with wheat flour, sugar and salt.

Anthropomorphic bread

In Chiapas, one is prepared in the shape of a person, but this one is colorful: red, yellow, and green. It is prepared as the previous one but puff pastry is added.

Lamb bread

In Oaxaca in the tianguis de Miahuatlán a bread shaped like an animal is sold. It even has legs and ornaments made with sugar.

It is baked and varnished to make it shiny. It is used when asking for a woman’s hand.



They are a type of deep pink thread. Its flavor is very sweet and is usually placed in offerings as they say it is related to warriors defeated in combat.

Embroidered bread

In Villa de Zaachila, bread is prepared that could be taken from a canvas. Its decoration is so detailed and colorful because it is related to the embroidery used by the women of that town.

At the top it has a little face known as a weakling, made with dough, paint and glue.

Which one did you fancy the most?


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