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Elections in the US push Mexico aside


Unlike the 2016 campaigns, the two candidates seeking the US presidency have made scant mention of Mexico.

Biden has no mention for Mexico on his electoral platform, however, if he wins the presidency, he would benefit Mexico by dismantling policies of President Donald Trump, especially on migration and sale of assault weapons to Americans, experts agree.

For his part, Donald Trump has only two mentions for our country on his platform, both considered as “kept promises” in the four years of his government.

With the completion of the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada, the Trump Administration successfully fulfilled President Trump’s promise to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, ”says the site of the president seeking reelection in the elections. next Tuesday.

Regarding migration, he adds the fulfillment of his promise that our country will reinforce the southern border as an achievement of his government.

Following pressure from the Trump Administration, Mexico has agreed to deploy 6,000 National Guard troops across the country and on its southern border to halt the migration crisis, dismantle human smuggling networks, and work more closely with the United States to share information. on migrants ”, he highlights.

However, the Republican campaign does not refer to other 2016 promises such as building a wall to or deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Donald Trump launched his candidacy by hitting Mexican migrants, and the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, launched his third candidacy defending them, ”said analyst Carín Zissis, from the Council of the Americas.

He said that the friendship between the two leaders has been called strange, with possibilities of rupture.

But if Trump’s inclination to threaten Mexico through immigration, trade and organized crime failed to undo that friendship, something else could give a new panorama to the relationship, the triumph of Joe Biden in November ”, he warned.

In his platform on migration, the Democratic candidate for the White House only mentions the Central American countries of the northern triangle, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where, if he wins the presidency, he plans to invest four billion dollars in four years to create opportunities that discourage emigration.

However, while not directly mentioning Mexico, Biden has pledged to end President Trump’s immigration policies that directly impact our country.

The first two are the construction of the border wall, which Biden criticizes by saying that the border is “not a war zone.”

The second is that the Democratic candidate opposes the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, known as Remain in Mexico.

That program, which the Trump administration imposed unilaterally on Mexico in January 2019, has sent some 62,000 migrants to cities on the border of our country to wait turns for migration hearings and results of their asylum request processes.

That program will also be debated by the US Supreme Court in 2021.

Before the end of this year, the highest court will also decide whether the president can use multimillion-dollar Pentagon funds to build the wall he promised in the campaign.

On the other hand, former Vice President Biden proposed reinstating prohibitions on the sale of automatic firearms to the United States public, a market that organized crime supplies in Mexico.

The two candidates for whom the Americans will vote next week have diametrically opposed policies in virtually every aspect of US domestic and foreign policy.

The director of the Center for United States Mexico Studies at the University of California in San Diego, Rafael Fernández de Castro, said that President Trump has little willingness to collaborate with other countries, so that Mexico would be in a better position in a relationship with Biden .

Trump has been weakening the country nationally and internationally because he is not the type of person who likes alliances, “said the analyst.

He recalled that when Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, he asked the president to take charge of the relationship with Mexico, and said that although the Democratic candidate may lack experience, he can surround himself with experts on the subject of US bilateral and foreign relations.


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