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Electric car: new car-sharing service in Trois-Rivières – L’

The Roulez Électrique Station in Trois-Rivières is adding a new string to its bow of ecological activities by launching the car-sharing service using 100% electric cars, in conjunction with the company GoClico.

Since Trois-Rivières did not yet have a self-service carsharing offer in its territory, the president and founder of Roulez Électrique, Sylvain Juteau, immediately saw the business potential.

“Our station is a project that has been constantly innovating since 2014 already. Quebec electric motorists all knew our station, because it is the best place to stop between Montreal and Quebec. We are unique in the world! Even in Norway, there is not a concept like ours. They don’t have a research station with an electric pump attendant on site who is there to help new motorists, neophytes. We want it to become like an electric station, ”he explained.

“First, all you have to do is subscribe to our service, which is completely free. Then it works with the GoClico mobile application where you can reserve the car. The rental cost is $ 18 per hour, and $ 9 per additional half hour. It is also possible to reserve the car for the full day for an amount of $ 79. The Bolt offers up to more than 400 kilometers of range. It is important to remember that a carsharing car replaces ten! This sustainable development initiative responds to a need expressed by citizens as well as entrepreneurs. ”

To benefit from the car-sharing service, it’s simple. The user only has to book on the free mobile application using his smartphone, ride and pay via the secure platform. What about starting the car? Your subscription with GoClico provides you with a membership card that will act as an automatic starter.

“We are always looking to develop new services and we like the idea of ​​offering a car with a structure to control access and keys ourselves. We have had success with our users and our association with Roulez Électrique is our first official launch. It’s a great opportunity for us, ”commented Luc Simard, from the GoClico company.

Remember that the Roulez Électrique Station is located on rue des Volontaires, in Trois-Rivières, and its mission is to democratize the electric car and demystify its use and technology. To learn more, visit