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It’s Bat Week –

It’s Bat Week from October 24 through Halloween.

On this occasion, “we invite you to celebrate these exceptional flying mammals with us! »Indicates on his Facebook account the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks.

He invites people to complete a survey from the Quebec Bat Recovery Team. “Your answers will help us to learn more about the opinions of citizens regarding these animals and citizen science,” the ministry said. The survey is here
Participants have a chance to win a bat roost.

The ministry also offers daily information on the animal on Facebook and a “quick tip” to help it. Tip of the day: “Before going to sleep, turn off your outdoor lights!” Night-time light pollution disrupts the foraging and movement of bats. A simple little gesture that could greatly help them! “

Interested parties can also learn more about the subject and help update a map showing where the creatures nest in the area. Shelter Bat.

4 truths about bats

They can spot a human hair at 30 km / h thanks to their eco-rental system

Less than 1% are infected with the rabies virus

They have good vision

70% of bats feed on insects

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