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López Obrador: not one more weight for the states; they will not have federal money in their hands


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that his government transfers in a timely manner, without distinction, the resources that legally correspond to the states.

When referring to the approach of the Federalist Alliance about breaking the current fiscal pact because they do not receive more shares, he said that in this area there are no debts with the states.

López Obrador even assured that, if they make accounts with some leaders, it will turn out that they owe the Federation because they have not paid taxes.

Despite the claims of some opposition leaders, he clarified that they will not be given federal resources that are allocated to various social programs.

“Of what corresponds to the federation, we are not going to give money, to be clear, to the state governments. Not out of distrust or precaution, but because we have decided to deliver the support directly to the people. We do not want intermediaries ”, he asserted in his morning conference.

Regarding the decision of the Alliance governors to submit to a consultation whether or not they should remain in the fiscal pact, he said that it would be good if they did not deceive the people, since ignoring that agreement implies carrying out a constitutional reform and even filing appeals legal before the Supreme Court.

States even owe us: President

The federal government has granted the resources that by law correspond to the entities, affirms López Obrador.

The government of the Republic will not give an extra weight to the governors of the federalist alliance because if accounts are made, “they even owe us,” warned President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when reacting to the announcement of the Alliance leaders to submit to a consultation if they should or not to stay in the federal fiscal compact.

From the National Palace, the president asserted that nothing is owed to the governments that promote a caricatured copy of his query.

By the way, he said that it would be good if the governors of Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Nuevo León did not deceive the people of their states, because in order for them to get out of the fiscal pact it is necessary to carry out a constitutional reform and even the filing of appeals. legal before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

“How good that consultation is going to be carried out so that people participate and that is democracy, but it is clear – so that they will not go around saying that we do not give them resources – that we do not owe them anything and all the resources that by law correspond to them, and if they have proof that the resources have not been delivered to them, show them what they are entitled to; I would tell them that many states even owe us, if we do accounts in some cases that have not paid taxes, “the President recriminated, recalling that several of the Alliance governors always demonstrated against granting pensions to low-income students and people of low income. the third Age.

He stressed that the position of the local leaders is in order to capture votes in their favor with a view to next year’s elections and they believe that “by speaking ill of me, they will win votes in the conservative sector of Mexico.”

“Is it a copy of your query?” She was asked.

—Yes, it’s a second version and history only repeats itself in its cartoonish version, said a philosopher, the President estimated.

The chief executive reminded his opponents that the distribution of the federal budget “is not on a whim”, because since the 1980s an agreement was reached on the matter that includes various indicators for the allocation of resources to entities, such as poverty level and population number.

“Of what corresponds to the Federation, we are not going to give them money, yes, let it be clear, to the state governments, and not out of mistrust or precaution, but because we have decided to give the support directly to the people. ”, He stressed.

According to the president of Mexico, just as nothing is owed to the Alliance states, neither is it owed to the Mexico City or Tabasco states.

In sum, the president assured that the governors’ lawsuit for having more resources is not with him, but with the Mexican Constitution, and although there are differences with the state governments that make up this alliance, this is not a reason to cut the resources that correspond to them.

See Sheinbaum electoral background

The head of Government assures that in the distribution of resources there are no favoritisms.

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, considered that the intention of the governors who are part of the Federalist Alliance, to break with the federal pact, has a political background.

“From our perspective, it is a purely electoral matter, and the electoral issue should be left until the moment the electoral campaigns begin. They are not the ones who are going to compete again, but let their political parties do it. And, from my perspective, there is no foundation for what they are saying; We are aware that we have been to Conago meetings – they decided to leave Conago, they have their reasons – but we are aware that, regardless of the party from which we come to have been elected governors or head of Government, there has been permanent attention from the Secretariat of Health, IMSS, ISSSTE, Insabi to all governments, we have all been supported, “he said.

Regarding the resources that the Federation allocates to the entities, he said that there are no favoritisms and assured that these are distributed based on the number of population that each state has.

“We are a federal pact because resources must also be distributed according to needs, it cannot be that poor states remain poor, to think that the resource generated by a state remains in that state … it seems absurd to us,” he said. .