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Mexico signs agreement with the UN for the purchase of medicines

As every day, this Thursday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador led his morning conference with the media, from the National Palace.

At the event, the president announced the signing of an agreement with the United Nations to purchase medicines.

“We want to solve the problem of lack of medicines,” said the federal Executive.

With this, according to López Obrador, quality medicines can be obtained at a good price.

“And it will ultimately be possible to solve a problem that has affected a lot because there has not been a sufficient supply of drugs, that drugs can be provided in health centers, medical units, hospitals, free of charge to make the right to health”.

The president acknowledged that it took a lot to reach this agreement because the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, drug distributors and politicians who were doing their best in a market of 100 billion pesos are involved.

President López Obrador pointed out that there is no longer legal limitation for a company of international prestige to be able to sell medicines in the country, since it needed an authorization from Cofepris that could take up to a year.