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Murat calls ‘restraint’ after confrontation between governors

Before the confrontation that exists between the 14 PAN governors and those united in the Federalist Alliance that threaten President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with abandoning the fiscal pact, and those emanating from Morena and his related parties that have supported the Executive, the governor of Oaxaca , Alejandro Murat, called for measure and unity.

The Oaxacan president indicated that what society expects from its leaders is not that they confront each other, but solutions in a moment of national emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The first thing is the issue of COVID, saving lives and facing together this economic crisis that is taking place at the national level. We must put the emergency first and the debate, which is welcome, must take place in the moments that our democratic system foresees, which are the elections, “he said.

After inaugurating the hospitalization area in Infectology at the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña, within the framework of its 22 anniversary, Alejandro Murat spoke out because it is society that defines whether things are being done well and what should be the route to follow and asked to find out what are the coincidences between both parties.

“We must assume our responsibility, any tax reform must go through Congress and today the majority rule and there is a clear majority. What we must do is agree on an economic crisis in which we know there is less money and remember that no one has arrived alone, that we are a Federation, a republic “.

He stressed that if there is growth in other parts of the country such as the north and the Bajío, it is because at the time the investments allowed the arrival of triggers such as gas and different types of industry, which allowed its economic development.

“Today is the time of the southeast, it’s up to the southeast, and thanks to solidarity we can all move forward. That is the big bet, the bet is Mexico.”

Murat refused to be the “mediator” in this conflict, but assured that he is a governor who seeks to propose that there is another alternative, which sometimes is not easy because the easy thing is to fight, so that growth also reaches regions like the southeast.

He highlighted, as an example, that Oaxaca is third in the country in job recovery, according to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENEO), and that the state is growing steadily at 3%, when the national economy has fallen between 10 and 18%.