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Option Longueuil joins Longueuil Citoyen –

Almost a year before the next municipal elections, Option Longueuil, headed by Robert Myles, will join Longueuil Citoyen, a party whose four elected members form the official opposition.

By “joining forces”, the two parties wish to send the signal that the elections to come on November 7, 2021 will be different from those of 2017.

Opposition Leader Xavier Léger

“The citizens of Longueuil are tired by the 12 years in power of the current mayor’s party, according to the interim leader of Longueuil Citizen Xavier Léger. We want to form a broad coalition of all citizens who think that Longueuil deserves better, much better than what it currently has. ”

According to the president of arr. of Greenfield Park Robert Myles, “this merger is the result of a solid collaboration, based on listening, trust and mutual respect that we have built over the past three years.”

“Our goal is not just to be a strong opposition, but a united and strong party that respects the differences of citizens in all the boroughs of Longueuil,” Borough Councilor Peter Doonan added in a press release.

Borough Councilor Wade Wilson promises change for citizens across the territory.

The merger process has been initiated and should be formalized shortly by the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec, according to Longueuil Citoyen. The party will keep this name.

Long musical chair set

The portrait of Longueuil municipal council has changed a lot since the 2017 elections.

Remember that Sylvie Parent, at the head of Action Longueuil, had won with 42.7% of the vote, not far ahead of the leader of Longueuil Citizen Josée Latendresse (42.5%).

With 10 elected, the official opposition had a majority, ahead of Action Longueuil, which had 6, and Robert Myles, the only elected member of Option Longueuil.

A month later, Councilor Nathalie Boisclair was removed from the Longueuil Citoyen caucus and became an independent elected representative.

In May 2019, Action Longueuil lost councilor Colette Éthier, who left the mayor’s party to sit as an independent – she will finally join Longueuil Citoyen in January 2020.

In June 2019, five Longueuil Citoyen councilors caused surprise by leaving the opposition party en bloc.

The municipal council then had seven independent councilors, five from Action Longueuil and three from the official opposition.

In February 2020, Councilor Éric Beaulieu (Action Longueuil) announced his departure from municipal politics. A by-election is expected to take place in the Iberville district in 2021.